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"The Right Plan, The Right Process" Book

"The Right Plan, The Right Process: Optimizing Your Retirement Plan, Benefits and Planning Strategies" is a valuable guide for plan sponsors, HR directors, CEOs and business owners, or anyone whose goal is to provide the best employee benefits at the best price. This book is one-stop shopping for anyone trying to navigate the employee benefits maze.

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We are delighted that our book was recognized by a leading periodical in the defined contribution industry, 401k Specialist Magazine, for its innovative delivery of knowledge specifically targeted to plan sponsors.

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David J. Medina, CFP®, CWS®, AIF®, CPFA shares his experience and expertise, and has assembled this impressive team of professionals who provide important insights in the following areas:

Duties & Governance: Don Trone, Jason Roberts, Brian Schiedel
Plan Design & Administration: Adam Baker, Steve Sansone, Kris Krikorian, John Russon
Plan Integration: Robert Hawkes, Ilona Brunner, J.P. Hamlett Sr.
Participant Outcomes: Eric Droblyen, Carey Robinson, Liz Davidson

The content of this book is not designed for a general audience, but rather retirement plan sponsors, committee members and other plan fiduciaries. The views expressed are those of each author solely and are subject to change without notice. These views may not reflect that of their employers, affiliates, or the other co-authors.

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